Social media has become a dirty playground for world leaders, political parties and even presidents to broadcast their propaganda and lies to the global population. A playground where freedom of speech are limited and in many cases revoked... just because it differs or interferes with the hidden agendas of so-called world leaders.
My NARI is a Social Media Networking website where people are allowed to express their views and opinions in a respectful manner. It's a social media site that allows people to have a voice within the boundaries of the law.
You can upload videos, stories, links articles and photos. Unlike most other social media sites, MyNARI would never remove or restrict your posts or ability to use the website by means of an automated script or bot. All actions taken on MyNARI are from humans - people like you and me.
MyNARI will remove things that really poses a risk to others such as suicidal content, unlawful content, extreme graphic or violent content, sexual content & copyrighted content - other than that - people can post whatever they want within the boundaries of the law.
Although MyNARI is fully accessible, the site is under constant development to improve and expand with some of the latest technology.